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Too many! If you still use light bulb visuals to represent ideas, you’re too predictable for our Art Director position.

We’re a business transformation firm. Our clients are big. So are our ideas and strategies. But we need a fulltime Art Director to help visually transform companies in the areas of Leadership & Change, Customer Experience and Messaging & Communications. Can your art and design skills help our clients and their audiences see the light (without using light bulbs)?

Visualize yourself in this job…

You’ll need strong visual aesthetics to join our team. Your visuals not only speak, they tell stories. You can make any product, service or strategy come alive because your imagination is as graphic as your graphics.

You’re also a master multi-tasking juggler when it comes to managing internal and client projects. You can orchestrate, arbitrate, administrate, demonstrate, and most importantly, concentrate when pitching clients, managing relationships and controlling workflow. You have an uncanny ability to think critically about content rather than simply translate it literally.

Capturing the essence of brand styles by computer—and by hand—and visualizing complex abstract concepts is right in your wheelhouse. You can produce PowerPoint presentations that deliver powerful points literally by design. Other art directors and graphic designers envy your executive presentation skills. You breathe data visualization. You’re as proficient with organization as you are with visual hierarchy. You may or may not be skilled in illustration, visual note taking or sketch noting, but it’ll really impress us if you are. Finally, you’re a go-to self-starter who can lead projects and creative teams out of the darkness.

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